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What Time?

Sunday School - 9:30am
Worship Service - 11:00am

There is parking available off of Mississippi Ave as well as a parking lot  behind the church off of Summer St. 

Adult Sunday School 

In our adult Sunday School class, we take full advantage of the opportunity to be studying with fellow believers. Accordingly, the class focuses on studying books of the bible and using our collective knowledge to unfold both the significance of the word when it was written and how it can be used for modern day application. 

children's church_edited_edited.png

At Northside, we believe that children are the future of the church. Our children's classes are focused on not just teaching bible stories to children, but also helping them develop prayer and study habits every day so that they remain in God's word and in his presence both inside and outside the church.

Children's Sunday School


For the praise team at Northside, our goal is to start our service with a time of praise and worship. Our music consists of a mixture of  modern hymns and worship  songs that we play to begin our  service.


With the intent to further our understanding of God's love for us and how we can better love Him, Pastor Reaves delivers  deep scripture rich sermons addressing real life struggles that we all face day to day.  He further addresses areas in modern life where we need to apply God's word. Throughout the sermon you can expect to share some laughs in looking at our own imperfections,  while also experiencing moments of conviction for our sins, and moments of gratitude for the grace freely given to us.

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